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The Next Generation of Email

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Mailbin is an intelligent email service that acts like a personal assistant.

~ Rudy Guerrero, Entrepreneur
why mailbin

Simple to use: works with existing email services

Mailbin is as flexible and easy to use as current email. It communicates seamlessly with other email services like gmail, yahoo, hotmail and outlook.

"Get to the point" email is a big time saver

Do you want people to "get to the point" and send you certain types of emails in your preferred formats without educating the world about it?

Mailbin's patent pending technology is the solution.

My job is super easy when I receive precise emails with what I need to know.

~ David Lee, Technical Support Engineer

Intelligently auto organized

Mailbin organizes your emails based on the essence of the email content, not just based on sender or keywords.

Mailbin automatically organizes your emails into separate bins as if you have read and manually organized them. We will never read your email, your privacy is important to us!

No filtering rules to define, and creating a bin is a piece
of cake!

~ Jane Irwin, Recruiter

Spreadsheet view of key content information

Are you tired of opening emails and reading a lot of mostly unimportant text just to get to a few key points?

Mailbin presents your emails in spreadsheet format with actionable information extracted from the email body, making it easy to glance through all your emails without having to read everything inside. Click here to view a demo.

When I posted an ad on Craigslist to sell my iPhone, I got over a hundred responses. It would have been impossible to read all of them individually, but Mailbin showed me a spreadsheet view of all the emails with just the price they were offereing and their location, which were the only two things important to me, and I was able to select the buyer in minutes.

~ James Trew, Property Manager

Highly customizable

You can easily customize Mailbin to adapt to your workflow.

I can quickly create a custom workflow without involving IT? This is awesome!

~ Susan Locke, Marketer

Centralized view of all email attachments

Are you tired of searching through emails to find attached documents?

With Mailbin you can view and share all attachment files in one place and browse files by sender, topic, group, etc.

My frustration with current email systems is searching for the right email, content and attachment. After I started using Mailbin, all that is history.

~ Rajesh Nanda, Software Engineer
Conversation view demo

Chat style conversation threading

Do you find it hard to track conversations with multiple people and many email messages going back and forth?

In Mailbin, related emails messages are presented together, making it easy to follow and participate in multiple conversations at once. Click here to view a demo.

Minimize use of other apps

Do you have to constantly switch between email and different applications to get things done?

Mailbin makes it super easy to do bug tracking, customer support, CRM, task management, event planning and more using email.

Earlier, I was using Remedy to track tickets, Bugzilla to track bugs and Sharepoint to store and share documents. Now I use Mailbin to do it all, saving me time and money.

~ Pat Cooper, Consultant

Cloud Integration

Currently Mailbin integrates with Github. Salesforce, dropbox and gdrive integration coming soon!


We're selling our product, NOT our users. We will never sell your personal data, content, interests, clicks, or anything else to advertisers. Mailbin is currently FREE while in Beta and there will always be a free version. In the future, Mailbin will offer paid premium features.