Where Are Attachments When You Need Them?

Email attachments are a necessary part of modern life. The more accustomed we’ve become to email, the more business is conducted via paperwork sent as email attachments.

A loan officer can email you the forms you need to fill out to refinance your house. Your child’s school can email you the details about an upcoming field trip. Every day, most of us receive a number of work-related email attachments.

Have you ever tried to search for an attachment, but you couldn’t remember the sender’s name, and/or you didn’t search for the right keywords to pull it up? Worse, have you ever had to ask your supervisor to resend an email because you didn’t realize it had an important attachment and you accidentally deleted it?

You can compensate for the inefficiencies of email systems in dealing with attachments by setting up filters and/or folders, especially if you know who will be sending attachments to you. Then again, sometimes the most critical attachments come from the most unexpected source. Also, you might receive single attachments from a number of individual people, so how to create a filter or a folder to account for these one-time occurrences?

When you use something every day, it can be easy to overlook all the little time-wasting aspects involved. We each develop our own fixes and workarounds.

Whether it’s the draft of a report for work, an outline for a group project at school, or a handful of photos from a family vacation, many of the emails in our inboxes include files we want to keep and access easily.

There must be a better way to manage attachments than spending our time on filtering, sorting, and using the trusty old search box.

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