The Next Generation of Email

The last significant innovation in email came 8 years ago with Gmail which introduced conversation threading, gigabyte storage, speed, and a powerful search. Other than that email hasn’t changed much since its invention. In fact, it hasn’t changed much in 40 years. On the other hand email usage has gone up to 145 billion emails a day which are delivered to 3.3 billion email accounts.

Recently, a number of email startups have been emerging with the aim to “improve email”. They are trying to solve the current email problems by making it easier to manage individual emails. But, these tools still require you to triage each email one at a time, resulting in cognitive overload.

The future of email is where there is no work about work. At Mailbin, our goal is to extend your cognitive bandwidth, so that you spend less time managing emails and have more time to do the things you would love to do.

We would like you to help us shape the future of the email by signing up for the beta and taking part in our survey.

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