My Email Client’s Organization Wastes My Time

I was chatting with an ex-colleague – who now owns a small consulting business and receives 10-15 emails a day from his clients/prospects- about the state of current email clients. His frustration with existing email services was pretty obvious. In his own words:

I have a pretty big complaint about my email that I’m going to have to rant about before I lose my mind. I use my email for business, and it seems like I always have to go back through tons of messages looking for a single piece of information. It could be a date, an estimate for a project or a phone number that I’m looking for, but it always takes entirely too long to find it.

Earlier today, I was in the middle of an ongoing conversation with a client of mine that had lasted for almost a week. I needed to come up with an estimate for work that she wanted done. Since my rates are different based on the needs of some of my clients, I don’t always quote the exact same rate for all of them. I knew that I had quoted her a rate earlier in the conversation, but I just couldn’t find it in my email client. It took me between 45 minutes and an hour to write a simple email just because I couldn’t find the information that I needed.

I couldn’t agree more. It’s a mess when you have to search for specific information buried somewhere inside emails. It’s really like finding a needle in a haystack. Small business owners waste a lot of time finding important information from email when they need it.

With the way that things are now, you basically have two options for how your messages are arranged. First off, you can have a list of all of your emails arranged by date and time, and with this setup you have to go back and check each individual email to find what you were looking for. Your other option is for all of your emails with a single person to appear in chronological order on the screen all at the same time.

In my ex-colleague’s words:

While this sounds like a good idea on paper, it actually turns out to be pretty terrible because it slows down my computer and takes forever for the messages to load.

What I really want is a note-taking feature that works as a part of my email client that I can open up and jot down the important things that I will need to know for later. These notes could be arranged in a way that they automatically pop up whenever you view a message from the contact that they are associated with. If I had this feature, then I would probably save at least a couple of hours each week since I wouldn’t have to dig through a bunch of old emails every single time I replied to a client.

With Mailbin he is going to save a lot more time than a couple of hours a week. He would’t need to take notes and search for a tiny piece of information inside tons of text.

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